woerh Headquarters: 25 de Mayo 356 piso 7, CABA
Industrial Plant: Av. Honorio Pueyrredón 6020 (B1631GCR), Villa Rosa, Pilar, Bs. As.
Contact: Intl. + 54 0230 451 9196 - Local. 0810 345 WOERH (9637)



After more than a year manufacturing and three months of assembly in our new Pilar Warehouse we have completed the installation of two hydraulic presses, one of 3,000 ton and the other of 315 tons, allowing us to provide our local, regional and International customers Plate Heat Exchangers up to 0.6 m².

This "state of the art" Presses means to replace imports in the order of 80% of total imports of Plate Heat Exchangers currently imported by Argentina and plays at the international markets at competitive prices.

Some of the plates made and pressed in our facilities are:

heat exchangers